12 Jul

So how many people have to tell me that they are concerned with my capabilities at particular points before I get it?  I suppose I could choose to look at it as if I am kidding myself, or I can choose to look  closer at what they are saying and let it soak in.  The Liar wants me to see that I am kidding myself.  The Truth wants me to look at it, hear it, listen to it, pay attention to it, and use it for my own good.  You would think the choice would be a simple one to make.  Do you know what that feels like?  I know you do.  What it feels like to me is being in quicksand, and the more I struggle, the quicker I sink.  The hand reaching out to help me is inches away, and I cannot grasp it because I am struggling on my own believing I can do it myself.  That is a lie.  I cannot do it myself.  So, what are my options?  I can stop struggling and accept the help that is being offered to me, or I can choose to continue to sink.  I do not want to sink.  The only thing left is to choose the hand that is reaching for me, wanting to help me out.  Taking that hand means I step back and look inside myself.  Again, there is a mirror I have to see.  I do not like that mirror right now, but I have made a promise that I choose not to break.  I choose to grab onto the hand reaching for me.

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