Taking Nothing for Granted

03 Nov

As I sat in a group I was leading today, an older woman (looking way older than her actual age) was quite depressed and on the verge of tears.  She was understandably depressed about her chronic pain and how she is unable to do anything like she used to be able to do.  She was so very down and teary.  My heart was hurting for her.  Nobody else had really spoken about much, and then I asked the questions, “What are the blessings in your life?  What do you see yourself doing that you may not be able to do tomorrow?”  The same lady stated that she saw her father as her blessing.  She admires him and loves him deeply.  She saw it a blessing to be able to take a hot shower even though she had to sit in a chair to do it.  She was grateful that she was able to do it herself.  The conversations blew up the rest of the hour, and many had never thought about what they may not be able to do if given another day.  I started carefully thinking about this conversation myself.  What is it I find comfort in?  What is it I consider a blessing in my life?  I find comfort in a nice, hot bath when my body, or heart, is hurting.  I find comfort in listening to music, going on walks, looking at all things God has created.  My blessings are many.  I have a job I love, a husband who loves me even though I have given him plenty of reasons to not.  I have two daughters who are smart, loving, and very giving.  I have surrounded myself with really good people.  Those things I have comfort in, seeing, hearing, walking…..I have taken them for granted so many times.  I could wake up tomorrow blind, deaf, and paralyzed.  I always assume those blessings I have (my job, children, and husband) will always be here.  That’s not so.  Already, my oldest moved 8 hours away and is now married.  I lost the chance to have time with her.  I blew that chance while she was still living at home.  These things we find to be comforting we will not always be able to do.  The blessings we have in our lives will not always be there for us.  It is due time for us to look at what is in front of us and appreciate it here and now.  Nothing is promised to us.  Nothing is guaranteed on this Earth…well except death and taxes.  Today, I look at my daughter (and husband when he gets home), my job, my ability to see, hear, and walk, and I thank God.  My patients taught me something today, and I am pretty sure they do not even know it.  My ability to learn and grow every single day is another thing I will never again take for granted.  What are your blessings?  What is that you take for granted?

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