The Gamble

13 Nov

Last night I spent three hours playing on the casino’s money.  I had a pretty decent amount that I had won.  I kept feeding it back into the machine’s, though.  As I was doing that, I watched all of those around me doing the exact same thing.  Afraid to lose their seats, they’d sit there and play continuously hoping that they would win the jackpot.  It didn’t matter where I sat, it was the same all through the building.  I am sure that some of those people had some gambling addictions.

After a long period of time, I began wondering what would happen if all these people kept depositing their faith in Jesus they way they deposit their money into these machines where, by the way, the odds are more against them.  With Jesus, you win the jackpot every single time.  Each pull of the arm (acceptance of Him and faith) brings to you the progressive rewards of Jesus.  Eternal life, forgiveness, mercy do not clank in the bottom of the pan like coins do, but they will sustain you forever.  All you have to do is keep depositing belief, faith, and prayer.  It’s been simplified, but you get the point.  Jesus is a gamble worth getting addicting to.


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