Crying Out to God

05 Jan

Nightmares completely destroyed me from 1:30am until 6:30am and then from 9:30am to noon-ish.  The earlier portion sent me to a place that was just not ok.  I was not grounded and needed to talk to someone.  I texted my best friend telling her that I needed to process the nightmare.  She texted me back and wanted to know things.  I told her things.  She suggested I take all of that to God.  “Go take a God shower,” she said.  I take them often, and I talk to God in the shower, a lot.  I got into the shower bordering on hysterical, and I just bawled and cried out to God, “Please take this fear and hurt from me!”  It took less than a minute for my borderline hysterical behaviors and feelings to subside.  I became calm, peaceful, and drained (quite frankly).  I got into a position to try sleeping again.  All I had to do is cry out to God.  He took my pain and my fear.  Sometimes, I just need that reminder to give it to him.

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