Give and Take

18 Jan

In all relationships, the idea of give and take is important.  It’s necessary, even.  In simple terms, give and take in a marriage might look like one spouse working while the other is staying home taking care of the children and all that includes.  It might look like giving a spouse time to do what he/she would like to do independently as he/she would also give to you equally.  In a friendship, give and take is similar.  It is about being able to ask for what you need and want from your friend and also being able to give what that person needs in return.  A relationship without give and take on an equal scale will not last.  It just cannot survive.

Our relationship with God is no different.  God has given us the ultimate gift, no doubt.  However, He continues to give us grace, love, forgiveness, mercy, comfort, peace, and a long line of other basic needs.  We often think, ok I have often thought, “What is it that I can give God that would make up for all that He has given me?”  Um, we can NEVER repay God for all that has been given to us.  However, to have a purposeful relationship with Him, we can give him the opportunity to come into our hearts and lives.  He’s more than willing to take that opportunity.  He will always be able to give us more than we can give to Him.  He will love us regardless.  He is so willing to take from us what troubles us the most.  Being human, we always want to take that back as if we know how to handle it better than He does.  (laugh track inserted here)  I struggle every day with giving my troubles to God and allowing Him to keep them.  I am very intentional in letting Him keep them as I have not done so great with them myself.  As any parent, God wants to take His children’s  hurts and fears and keep them and deal with them on His own, so that we do not have to.  This is what a loving parent does.  Give it to Him and do not take it back.  He will take it and give you peace in return.

Give God your heart and take from Him the gift of eternal life.

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One response to “Give and Take

  1. Angela McMichael

    January 18, 2012 at 12:19 pm

    I love this very much ❤


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