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Feeling It Today

Man, I have the Father, Son, AND the Holy Ghost all in me today!  I have this need to just talk about Love and Truth.  I am just being filled with God’s love, and I do not have time to hear Lies right now!  I do not have room in my life for that right now!  God has just blessed me with so much, and I know what the Truth is.  I have been blessed beyond measure, and I just cannot allow anxiety or worry to take me down today.  I have a good job.  I have a good husband.  I have amazing kids.  I have the most amazing best friend I could have ever asked for.  I do not deserve any of those things, but God has been gracious and given them to me regardless!  That is true love!  Thank you, God for loving me THIS much!  Thank you for letting me speak on these things right now!

In Your Son’s precious name, Amen!

Truth wins every single time!  Believe it!

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Moving is such a hassel.  You have to pack and unpack.  You have to make several trips to load and unload.  You end up with a sore back and other body parts.  Why do we move?  Sometimes people move due to change of work.  Sometimes people move because they cannot afford where they are now.  Sometimes that area is unsafe now.  Maybe, people have just done all they could there and it is just time to go.

I witnessed something this weekend that I will never forget.  I saw a large group of people praising God like I have never seen before.  I liked it.  It changed me.  I watched my best friend do something so very courageous and strong.  That was incredible.  It all had to do with God.  God moved me over a four day period.  It was no hassel to him.  I cried so hard because His love was so ingrained into my heart and soul.  I did not know it was moving day.  God knew.  He has made it clear it is time for me to make a move.  I do not know what that means or entails right now.  I know I have to, though.  I want to listen and obey.  Even the Israelites listened and obeyed when God told them to move and stay for as long as He needed them to.  They were not the best listeners.  Sound familiar?  It is familiar to me.

*Numbers 9:22 states, “Whether the cloud stayed over the tabernacle for two days or a month or a year, the Israelites would remain in camp and not set out; but when it leifted, they would set out.”

*It goes on to mention that “This passage describes a remarkable fact of the desert experience:  the Israelites knew exactly if and how far God wanted them to move each day.  Although they disobeyed God in almost every other way, they usually followed his specific guidance on location.”

I have had my share of disobeying God so many times throughout my life.  I have moved, however, when I was told to.  As much as I hate to move, as scary as it is to move, and as unsure of what moving will bring I am, I have done it.  I have been more aware recently about listening and trying my hardest to obey.  I want to move wherever God wants me to be.  At least I know that when God moves me, He will not damage anything valuable.

*NIV Student Bible

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Good stuff.

Just A Minute

This is so good, I had to share it:
(from Pastor Steven Furtick’s Blog)

“As you navigate the story that is unfolding in your life, you’ll be quick to find that discouragement is everywhere. It seems that the harder you run after God, the harder the devil is going to try to prevent you from getting where you’re going. And all he really has to do to trip us up is drop one little hint of discouragement in our ears.

You’re unworthy.

You’re a terrible father.

You’ll never be any better than this.

He’s said it to me and I know that he’s said it to you. The worst part is, the devil doesn’t necessarily speak in complete lies. He gives us half-truths with just enough reality to hit us between the eyes. But here’s an easy way that you can overcome those conniving schemes:

Finish the devil’s sermons.


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Transformation:  A change in form, appearance, or use as defined by merriam-webster.  I have been thrown this word multiple times recently.  At the end of this month, I will be in Dallas at a conference entitled “Total Transformation”.  I have been thinking about this word for a little while now and even more in the past few days.  I look back on my life and realize the changes that have taken place around and within me.  I have purposely made changes in my life where my personal and vocational surroundings have been changed.  I grew up not believing that I would ever be married, nor did I want to be.  If I thought of being married,  it was to someone who was abusive and disrespectful.  I have now been married for twenty years to a really good man who has never laid an abusive hand on me.  I have made multiple changes, transformations, within myself.  These have occurred largely over the past year and a half.  I have given myself permission, even though it is hard at times, to understand and see my worth and value.  I have given myself permission to allow others to care for and about me.  I have given myself permission, and this has been the biggest transformation in my life, to allow God back into my life.  I have struggled so long with questioning His existence.  I questioned his love for me and often asked, “Why did you do this to me?!?!?!”  A lot of questions like that left my  mouth and my heart.  I was angered with what God did not do for me.  I was angered at the things He allowed to happen to me.  This past year and a half, and mostly the past six months or so, has/have taught me things I never knew about God.  He never did those bad things to me.  That was someone else.  I am more concentrated now on the things He has done for me rather than what He has not.  God has his reasons for unanswered prayers.  We may never know them.  Some things are better left unknown. I know, now, that God’s love is never-ending and unconditional.  He loves me regardless.  He has never abandoned me even though I abandoned him multiple times.  My transformation goes from being poorly handled by my earthly father(s) to understanding the love of my Heavenly Father.

Psalm 52:8b “I trust in God’s unfailing love for ever and ever.” (NIV)

My Father brought me to one who has shown me a path back to Him.  That is what my life has been about.  Every slippery, dangerous slope to every smoothly paved road have I traveled.  I have never traveled it alone.   To God, I owe all my praise and thanks!


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In vs. Out

I was watching a program last night where a man was talking about behaviors and thoughts while one is sitting in church versus thoughts one has outside of church.  It made me think of the people I know who went to church uh, well, religiously (if you will).  Not all of the people I knew, mind you, but several.  I know some of them were sitting in church saying their “amens” and “hallelujahs” like they were preaching it themselves.  Ok, they weren’t saying them too loudly because some religions just do not allow for expressing your love for God out loud.  Anyway, back to the point.  Those same people who were sitting in church expecting their children to listen and focus on what was being said were the same ones going home, watching porn and looking at it in magazines and other venues.  They were going home and abusing their children in one way or another.

It just made me really wonder what people are really thinking in church.  Are they sitting in the pews thinking of how they are going to pop a top on a cold beer once they get home?  Are they praising God with all their hearts?

I do not have the answers.  God does, though.  He knows our thoughts and actions even before we do.  I am trying hard to think and act as he would want.  I hope this gives you just a second of “oh, man!” and allows you to focus on what your thoughts are in vs. out.

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