In The Basement

18 Apr

A basement is usually dark, cold, and dirty.  That is where most people put their junk and broken tools and machines.  It is a place where things are piled up and forgotten, yet they are taken up space, really.  As I am sitting here typing, I am listening to Lisa Harper speak about abuse issues when she was a child and when she decided to let the Lord down into her basement.  See, in abuse survivors’ basements, there are piles of guilt, shame, disgust, anger, and a bunch of other “junk” and “broken tools”.  They are buried over and over again, just waiting for more junk to be piled on top.  It will take more than one Jesus visit for your basement to get straightened out.  The Lord helps you move and unpile all the junk in your basement, if you let Him.  It is still dark, cold, and dirty during the moving, but understand if you allow Jesus Christ to be your mover, the basement will begin to become lightened, warmed, and uncluttered.  We ordinarily do not  like for people to go anywhere in our homes or property when it is dirty.  We become embarrassed and apologize profusely that wherever “it” is,  is a mess.  Christ already knows about that dirt.  He was there when that dirt and clutter was being added.    He did not cause it, but He was already aware of it, so there is no need to be afraid to let Him down in your basement.  He wants to help you clean it out.  Ask him.

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