21 Jun

I am horrible at keeping plants alive.  I feel sorry for any plant ever given to me.  I forget to water them and give them sunlight and such.  If I attempted to have an entire garden, I am pretty sure the view would be horrendous.  It would be dry and brown….dead. 

 I find myself being extraordinarily grateful that as a part of God’s garden, I am not being neglected.  I was “dry and brown” due to my own neglectful behaviors and attitudes before I allowed the blood of Jesus Christ to flow over me and give me life.  I am a part of God’s garden, and He never fails to take care my roots.  He does not ignore them because they are not seen.  He takes special care of them, so that I may continue to thrive and grow to what He chooses me to be.  Like any plant in a garden that grows to be beautiful, I am fed.  I am fed by the Word of God.  I continually grow because of that nourishment.  I am also given Light.

“…God is light; in him there is no darkness at all.”  1 John 1:5

A garden can also be killed by weeds.  Those pesky horrible looking things that get mixed in with what is attempting to grow.  Weeds constrict growth and make the garden ugly.  The weed will wrap itself around the flower planted and kill it before it even gets a chance to bloom.  What are the weeds in your life, flower?  What is it that is preventing your growth and beauty?  Take a good look at your surroundings and ask your Gardener to remove those weeds.  Ask your Gardener to feed you, not let you go thirsty, and to shower you with light.  Let Him nurse your roots back to health, so that you are allowed to bloom and grow.  Ask all of these things from Him, and you will never be dry and brown.  You will never die.  I am quite thankful that I have a Gardener taking better care of me than I could ever take care of a garden.




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