03 Jul

Chris Tomlin sings these words, “My chains are gone.   I’ve been set free.   My God, my Savior, has ransomed me.   And like a flood, His mercy rains.  Unending love, Amazing grace.”

  I have been imprisoned since a child.  My sentence was imposed upon me by those who were supposed to raise and love me the right way.  At this very second, I can honestly say, I forgive them.  Imprisoned for approximately thirty-eight years, I was unable to breathe the fresh air of the guiltless, those unashamed, those untarnished.  I was suffocating and being choked by the dark.  I took steps the other day that I never thought I would have the nerve to take.  One of the seven deadly sins had been killing me off a little every single day.  I was smothered in it like mashed potatoes under a ladle full of hot gravy.  I was wrapped up in it like a newborn baby in a hospital blanket.

I did not want to see what had apprehended me and kept me enslaved for so many years.  I knew it was there, though.  It had been buried so deeply, and it had been flowing through my body so fluidly.  It was “who I was.”  I put those last three words in quotation marks because that which had held me captive was NOT who I was, nor is it who I am.  I threw items away, cut and shred items with my own hands feeling like my body was being ripped opened and the ugly was being released with each tear, with each rip.  I placed the torn and cut materials in two separate bags that had come from a grocery store.  I tied the handles of the bags into knots, and I put them in my car.  I could NOT have that darkness in my house any longer.  It had to go, so I could continue to grow.

I found a dumpster outside of a convenience store, and I put those two bags of darkness in with all the other trash.

God was with me that day.  He released those chains, and I HAVE been set free!  He was just waiting for me to be ready to walk out of the shackles.  I was ready.  Are you ready to step out of your chains, your shackles?  Are you ready to be freed from the heaviness that is not yours to carry any longer?  I would like to help you take that step if you are ready.  We can talk about the fear and every other emotion that goes along with it, and I can pray with and for you, but you have to be the one to take that step outside of confinement.  God is waiting for you to say so.  Say so.  Be freed!

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