Forgive me, Father

14 Jul

I spend so much time trying to make myself right with God.  Sometimes I get lost in what others are doing.  I get lost in their judgments and mistakes while losing focus of my own.

Forgive me , Father!

I have not always done right by God.  For this, I feel shame.  I am not perfect.  God knows this and loves and accepts me anyway.

Forgive me, Father!

If I fell down to my knees and had my face on the floor for the rest of my life, it would never be enough to get me into Heaven.  I can’t DO anything that will ever be enough.  God finds me enough, anyway. I am grateful for that.

Forgive me, Father!

I tend to sometimes live by “Fleshy” thoughts and behaviors.  I want to live by Godly thoughts and behaviors.

Forgive me, Father!

Hey you!  Yes, you!  Stop being hateful!  Stop being ignorant!  Stop being unloving!  Stop being selfish!  Stop being judgmental!  Father, let me stop these things as well.

Forgive me, Father!

I pray that, today, I can refocus on my own sinful ways and use Godly love and grace toward others.

Forgive me, Father!


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