05 Oct

Last week, at work, I had the worst time trying to access the program I needed to get into because I did not get my password correct.  I tried various ways to get to it.  It finally locked me out completely due to so many unsuccessful attempts.  As I was calling for help from the proper person, I realized what I had forgotten.  I forgot to capitalize “God”.  Then I thought, “Man, this is so like life.  If you do not make God bigger than everything else, you ‘can’t get in.'”  I sat there and thought about this for the longest time.  As I drove home, I was still thinking about it.  I started thinking how often I “capitalize” everything else in my life.  Money.  Work.  Kids.  Home.  Car.  Phone.  Facebook.  Twitter.  Emails.  Bills. 

Look familiar?  I bet it does.  I know that it is when I make those things bigger than God that I become empty, confused, uncomfortable, irritable, frustrated, sad, mad, and a myriad of other not-so-good feelings.  It is not as if I just take God completely out of the picture.  I do, however, put those other things ahead of Him knowing full well that HE is what makes all those other things possible.  He should be first in line when it comes to my thoughts.  Unfortunately, I slip and fall in that area.  I just know that when I capitalize God, I can get into, get out of, complete, succeed, in everything I do.  I also know that I do not have to call the tech guy at work for that information.  God’s word is my tech help for my life.  Through God’s word, I will be able to get where I really want to be.  Where He really wants me to be. 

My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.  John 10:27

God is my IT guy, and I do not mean my information technology guy.  I mean He is my IT guy.  He is it.  He is all the access I need Him to be.  And He will be as long as I remember to capitalize Him. 



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