What Have You Done for Me Lately?

12 Oct

Remember Janet Jackson in that diner dancing and talking with her friends about her man?  He just was not meeting her standards and being lazy.  So many ladies could relate to her and that song!

But I wonder……

What if God was the one asking “What have you done for me lately?”  Could you or I answer with pride?  Could we say, “I am doing all that you have asked me to do.”?  What is it that God asks of us?  He tells, does not ask but deliberately tells, us that we worship no other god.  He deliberately tells us that we love others and help those who are in need.  He wants all of our focus and attention to be on Him.  His attention is fully on us every second, of ever minute, of every hour, of every single day.  I fall very short in this department.  My focus gets caught up on tuition for my kid, my job, my husband, bills, and so on.  That equals worry.  Worry equals lack of faith that God will do what He has always promised.  It is our raw humanness that allows for worry.  What if we decided, that for the rest of the day, we would solely focus on listening to God and following what He has told us to do?  What would our days and nights look like?  How would our words sound?  What would the expressions on our faces be?  The answers we would give God to the main question of what have we done for Him lately would break His heart.  Is breaking His heart.

Are you focusing on Him like is focusing so lovingly and deliberately on you?  I’m not.  I try, but I get caught up in worldly things.  I need to do better at being better where God is concerned.

Be blessed and be a blessing.

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One response to “What Have You Done for Me Lately?

  1. Samantha

    October 12, 2012 at 2:24 pm

    It’s about believing there is more out there, that this moment of worry, thought, fear etc…doesn’t stop me from knowing there is greatness out there for me as long as I don’t let the fear get in the way, the worry overwhelm me or the thoughts paralyse me.

    Love you my friend! HUGS


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