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A Willing Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Have you ever wanted to know something so badly that you were willing to do whatever needed to be done to accomplish whatever feat you had in mind?  I have.  My wants used to be so material, but I understand that material things can be taken from me in a blink of an eye.  People come and go in and out of our lives.  I have spent the last couple years removing the toxic people out of my life and forgiving as much as I possibly can.  OK, as much as I possibly want.  I have never been a fan of reading any book never mind the Bible.  Every single day that passes I have found that my hunger for learning what I can about it is growing.

I have my days when I literally feel a wall in front of me trying to stop me for learning.  I feel a heaviness, a darkness that is scary and does not quickly go away.  I am fortunate that I have those days very rarely.  The past two or three days I have woken up and went directly to Jesus Calling and looking at verses given at the bottom of each daily reading.  Finding myself wanting to get lost in every word.  I feel good about that, right now, too.  I want to know what things mean, what everything represents.  I want to look at all the parables and particular books, chapters, verses.  I am almost finished with my ninety-day reading plan.  I am excited about this.  I have an inquiring mind.  I want to know.  I want to know so much more.  Nobody has that kind of time to sit with me and teach me all that I want to know.  I understand that I do not need to know all I want right now.  I just want to be able to seriously study each book.  I do not want to have to Google my way through understanding God’s word.  It is also obvious that God will direct me where to go and from whom I should learn.  I just wanted to share the news that my heart and mind are ready for deeper understanding.  If you have never known me, or if you really have known me, you should know that all of this is a mouthful for me to admit. 

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My heart breaks for those directly impacted by the shootings and killings of innocent children and adults.  I have heard that “hurt people, hurt people.”  How hurt does one have to be to enter an elementary school with multiple weapons and intentions to purposely kill?  I’m not the best Christian, God knows, but I pray for the killer’s soul and may God have mercy.  That young man will receive God’s punishment, and it will not be anything I ever want to see.  Those precious young babies are happy and are in the arms of God the Father.  Don’t let your heart be led by hatred for the young man who was obviously quite broken.  I am working on that myself.  As Christians, let us pray for his soul, and let us pray for the families, friends, and coworkers who need nothing more but prayer right now.  Let us mourn those left behind and lift them up as much as possible.

Father God, thank You for the places you have made for those who were in that elementary school.  Thank You for loving us in all of our brokenness.  Thank You for wanting to mend our brokenness.  May all those who read this run to you, and you only, for comfort, discernment, and peace.  Thank You for loving us so very much.  In Your Son’s precious name, Amen.

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Ripple Effect

“Nothing I do matters or affects anyone else.”  I hear that more than I would like.  Everything that any one of us does matters and has significant impacts.  I often have people think about dropping the smallest pebble into a calm body of water.  I ask them to describe what that would look like.  They appropriately respond that there would be ripples in the water.  I ask them to think of their behaviors, good or bad, and how those behaviors touch someone else. 

They usually see things in a different light.  I think about this scenario of dropping a small pebble into a body of water where the top looks like a glass table top, smooth and motionless.  I think of my behaviors and words.  The ripples in the water start so small, our immediate circle, and they spread out getting bigger and bigger as they go.  Every single thing we do and say has an effect on people.  People so far on the outside of us, we do not even know them.  Impossible?  No. 

If you think about your actions for just a bit.  Doing drugs, for example.  People will say that that is a victimless crime.  It is not.  “I don’t do it around my kids or my family, so why is that a bad thing?” is commonly heard in the hospital where I work.  Okay, let’s look at that.

1.)  You are damaging your body by the drug use.

2.)  You are doing it rather than spending time with your family.

3.)  You are spending money on the drugs that could be going for diapers, milk, or food.

4.)  You are breaking the law and if arrested, you are now causing more troubles for your family and your job, if you even have one. 

5.)  If your boss, again if you even have one, has to fire you due to your substance use, he may feel badly about that which can mean he may take home to his wife. 

See how the ripples are spreading and growing bigger apart from you?

The negative actions that you thought could not harm others has just spread out to people you have never met in your life.

The same kind of things happen when we think one small gesture of kindness does not matter.  It does.  Very much in the same way the negative actions impacted others so far from ourselves, kindness and goodness affect others we are not even aware of.  What you  may believe to be insignificant, maybe bring great joy to others.  Opening a door for someone, saying “hello” to somebody, just smiling at another can cause that smooth looking surface to be rippled and expand beyond our expectations and knowledge. 

Everything we do in our lives has some sort of significance for others.  Think about your words, behaviors, and attitudes about and toward life.  Someone is listening, watching, and reacting and will somehow share that with someone else.  How do you want to touch this world?




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