14 Dec

My heart breaks for those directly impacted by the shootings and killings of innocent children and adults.  I have heard that “hurt people, hurt people.”  How hurt does one have to be to enter an elementary school with multiple weapons and intentions to purposely kill?  I’m not the best Christian, God knows, but I pray for the killer’s soul and may God have mercy.  That young man will receive God’s punishment, and it will not be anything I ever want to see.  Those precious young babies are happy and are in the arms of God the Father.  Don’t let your heart be led by hatred for the young man who was obviously quite broken.  I am working on that myself.  As Christians, let us pray for his soul, and let us pray for the families, friends, and coworkers who need nothing more but prayer right now.  Let us mourn those left behind and lift them up as much as possible.

Father God, thank You for the places you have made for those who were in that elementary school.  Thank You for loving us in all of our brokenness.  Thank You for wanting to mend our brokenness.  May all those who read this run to you, and you only, for comfort, discernment, and peace.  Thank You for loving us so very much.  In Your Son’s precious name, Amen.

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