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Pity Party: Table for 1

So, I spent the last thirty minutes, at least, writing a blog post that disappeared right before publication.


Ok, so on to the post. This past week, I have found myself feeling untrustworthy and insignificant. I have attempted to take from others what others did not have…or what others did not want to give. Really, Dawn? If a gas tank is empty, and my car is out of gas, I cannot get anything from the other tank. The past several days, I have been the prime example of entitlement. I believed myself to be entitled to being told something that would hurt my feelings, before I saw it for myself. I believed myself to be entitled to more than average performance evaluations at work. Results?


Who do I think I am? I am nothing but a human being. I am nothing but another individual taking up space. I am nothing but a skeleton, draped with flesh, injected with a soul. Who do I think I am?

I am nothing special. Nobody owes me anything.

In times of trouble and turmoil, I forget where I am supposed to look. I forget what I am supposed to see. To hear.

James 3:16-17
For where you have envy and selfish ambition, there you find disorder and every evil practice.

Indeed. I’m grateful for grace, mercy, and forgiveness.


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Juvenile Diabetes

For the past couple of years, I have paid more attention to information surrounding Juvenile Diabetes than I had my entire life.  I walked last year to raise money, and I will be walking again this year.  My main goal in this is to bring awareness to a disease that can lead to death if not taken care of properly.  I am walking in memory of a young man who passed away due to complications of JD. His name:  Billy Vara.  I am also walking in honor of a young man who has his whole life ahead of him, yet he still struggles at times with very high spikes and sometimes very low drops of blood sugar numbers.  His name:  Dane McMichael.  I have family members who are also dealing with JD, and I am asking those of you who read this post to think about giving even the smallest amount, so that no other individual has to lose his or her life due to this disease.  So that no other person has to deal with the physical ailments that come along with JD.  

Thank you for reading.  

God bless you.

P.S.  If you feel that you can donate, here is a site to go to that will allow you to do so.  Again, thank you.

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Tweet from Dawn Pringle (@DawnLovesSVU)

Dawn Pringle (@DawnLovesSVU) tweeted at 11:43 PM on Fri, Jul 12, 2013:
Sexual Abuse, Eating Disorder, and all that goes with that come face to face with God’s love, grace, and mercy.

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Perspective: Lost

I have been complaining about so much lately.  I dislike that about me.  I have complained about not being able to do too much on my treadmill due to a physical problem.  I have complained the last three days about not having a working air conditioner in my house.  Trust me, I have complained more, but there just is not enough space, nor time, to type it all in here. 

I have worked on my physical health for a couple of years, now.  I have had periods of doing really well, and I have had periods of total and complete not so well.  I know what I have to do, however.  I just crave the motivation to do all I have to do.  As I was talking with someone the other day about not being able to move as quickly on the treadmill, she showed me something that made me think and think hard.  That meant I had to look at myself and my circumstances, and I had to think if what I was coming down on myself about was really so bad.

I appreciate those times.  I do not like them, necessarily, but I am appreciative.

As I sit here in my house typing this, I am frequently finding that I am only focusing on the heat.  I have been focused on how spoiled I am to have a house with central air and heat.  I have also been thinking about those who can not afford to run their air or heat.  Those who have no house to live in.  Those who have no clean, running water to keep cool.  I feel like I am, sometimes, that entitled American (shiver) that I do not want to be. 

Here’s what I know, for sure.  God gives me my daily bread.  He gives me what I NEED each and everyday.  I know that instead of complaining, I should be thanking Him for what He has given me today.  Those of us who have, often do not pay attention to those who have not.  We are too concerned about ourselves to understand and see that others are so very happy without any of the things we have.  Nobody promised me central air conditioning.  It is not a right.  It is a privilege.  While I will be ecstatic to get it fixed, I hope that I will never again lose sight of the people who have not.

I have opened a small window from my backdoor, and I have felt a cool breeze a few times.  Thankful.

My daughter brought me a frozen drink.  Thankful.




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