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If I Could

If I could go back and change the things that have happened to me, I would not.  I am the person I am supposed to be because of those things.

If I could feed all the hungry in the world, I would.  I cannot, but I can feed one.

If I could take away everyone’s pain, I would not.  I would be hindering their opportunities to grow.

If I could hold my daughters’ hands and steer them away from trouble or hurt, I would not.  I would impair their dependence on God.

If I could stop my marriage from going through bumpy times, no matter the size of the bumps, I would not.  I would be cheating me and my husband out of our relationship.

If I could make all the money in the world, I would.  I would not keep it to myself, though.

If I could hold someone’s hand and let them know they are loved, I would.  I have.

If I could get others to see themselves as being worthy, valuable, and enough, I would.  I would give them God’s eyes, so that they could see themselves as He sees them.

If I could write words that would touch, help, or inspire one person, I would.  I believe I am.

“If I could” holds many dreams and fantasies.  It also holds many consequences.  If “If I could” does not lift anyone up, it should probably be a “I don’t think I will.”  If it prohibits growth and learning, it needs to be revised.  

What does your “If I Could” look like?  Does it steal anything from a person?  Does it exterminate growth?  Does it help someone feel loved?  Does it encourage instead of discourage?  

If I could glorify my Father in all things, I would.  I will.

So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.
1 Corinthians 10:31 NLT




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