If Spiritual Maturity is Like a Marathon…

10 Dec

So, as I was reading through my NIV Student Bible earlier, I came upon this question:  “If spiritual maturity is like a marathon, how far along are you?”

OK, for starters, I am more of a “spiritual sprinter.”  I want to know all about God and everything in the Bible fast and now.  That is just not how that works.  It really is a painful reality for me.  Regarding the question above, however, I am back near the starting line, I believe.  I started out with not a lot of “training.”  I knew about Jesus and God, That was it for a very long period of time.  I guess that got me off the line at that sound of the starter pistol.  I ran with that for a little while, and hurdles started getting in the way.  What the are hurdles doing in a marathon?  Well, it is spiritually based, so you can visualize all of those hurdles.  Becoming really tired of dealing with the hurdles, I just dropped out of the race.  My belief in God had dwindled down to nothing, sadly.  There was no longer a race for me.  I had given up on my spiritual marathon that I did not even know existed.  

I became afraid of even putting on “running shoes” let alone being in some sort of race.  The fear was due to a broken heart and a blistered soul.  My heart and soul had been running for so long that they both just gave out and gave up.  My belief kicked back in, but I just had no interest in learning about God.  I was ignorant of the fact that there was so much more to learn.  That there is a story behind faith.  Becoming more aware of this fact became most evident in 2010.  I met a friend, and a family, who reintroduced me to God, faith, and spirituality.  Now, to be clear, I considered myself to be a spiritual person at that point.  I just had not taken it any further.  I gave myself permission to, at the very least, take a look at those running shoes, again.  I put them on, laced them up, and off I went like a bullet fired from the most powerful gun known to man.  Again, I have a sprinter’s spirit and mentality.  I found a church I really like, I was going to a Bible study, and I was really eager to grow so much.  Go me!

I began facing, and hitting, multiple hurdles, again.  

I ran myself tired, or maybe “complacent” is the correct word.  While my shoes are still on, my hurdles have seemingly grown and are right in my face.  I am willing to continue to become more spiritually mature.  The odds are in my favor, I believe.  Still feeling like I am in the zygote stage of my spirituality, I know that I get a life-long chance to continue to mature further, AND I do not have to do it alone.  

The next time I get tired, and I want to quit, I know that I just have to look in a different direction.

For anyone tempted to grow weary and lose heart, the very best cure is to “[fix] our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith.” — NIV Student Bible (Hebrews 12:20).


So, if spiritual maturity is like a marathon, how far along are you?

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