15 Jan

This morning, I had the best time being able to train others for computer work and documentation at the hospital where I am currently employed.  I had so much fun!  Usually, I’m a nervous wreck about what/how/where/why/when I am going to present things.  I was on it today because I chose to understand that I knew exactly what I was doing and, today, I chose to make the very best of the time I had with the interns and employees there for the training.  I did not know how today was going to work itself out until today happened.  It was really a fun time.  

Also, today allowed me to give others the opportunity to be rescued.  If you did not know, my best friend wrote a book entitled Rescued, and it’s a very real story about very real pain, very real sadness, and a very real God.  I got to deliver four copies of that book to people today.  It was a great honor just being able to share what my best friend had shared so openly in her book.  I am so grateful that she had the guts to write that book.  

I was aware, today, of how blessed I truly am.  I got to wake up, dress myself, eat, drive myself to work, and share my knowledge of work. I got to have lunch with an old friend, and I made a new one.  I got to share Rescued with four other people,  I got to play with dog, do my laundry, take out the trash, have some hot tea, and hear my dishwasher working.  I am one lucky woman!  Today, I realized that more than ever.

What did you get to do today?

For the opportunity to get Rescued, click here.

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