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Superheroes are usually those who are plain-looking individuals during less conflicting times, and they turn into these strong, usually indestructible individuals behind a mask or disguise of some sort.  They want those two opposite personalities to remain two opposite personalities and do not try to mix one with the other.  Those plain individuals do not brag on their conquests as those disguised wonders.  They do not yell from the rooftops about their heroic deeds.  They perform them in cloaked adventure.  Deeds are performed without looking for anything in return.  Those individuals do them humbly.  My favorite comic book hero is Batman.  I have just always liked Batman.  While Bruce Wayne wasn’t exactly in hiding, his heroics looked differently when he was not in character.  Bruce did what every other billionaire, industrialist, and philanthropist did.  What he did under the guise of the dark knight, well, that was something totally different.  He did everything possible to hide that part of him.  He saved people.  He fought evil.  He battled for the good of citizens in general.  “Ordinary” looking guy to superhero!

Movie Roles Recast

Clark Kent was just a hugely passive and introverted man.  While as Superman, he became a hero to the world.  He was strong, brave, and no so passive.  Clark never bragged about being Superman.  He just did what he was made to do to save those who needed it most.

There’s Tony Stark and Iron Man, Peter Parker and Spiderman.  There are others, but these are the ones you know and possibly love.

Here’s my point.  They were all just men who wore disguises and did good.  It wasn’t really that they all of a sudden became good once the donned those costumes.  They always had that good in them.  They just decided to use that most good in a most humble way.  We all have good in us.  We don’t need a disguise to hide behind to show it.  The Bible states this:

 “…do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving will be in secret; and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you.” – Matthew 6:3

Superheroes give what they have so that those who do not have can receive.  Superheroes do not ask for anything in return.  They do what they are guided to do.  Period.

As Veteran’s Day is tomorrow, I want to share about my most favoritist superhero ever!  Now, I know I said Batman was my favorite comic book hero.  But, my real life favorite superhero is my son-in-law, Mitchel Holland.  He was this very sweet, humble, young guy who wanted to go and serve in the Army to give us “poor” the freedom that we take for granted so often.  He became injured in Afghanistan.  This sweet man became a superhero in camouflage.  That was his “costume.”  He wore it day in and day out.  He wore it proudly.  Through blood, sweat, and tears, he fought for what is good and right.  He never bragged about what he did for this country.  He never spoke an arrogant prideful word about it.  Thank you, Mitchel.  Thank you for loving this country so much that you humbly gave your time, and almost your life, for us.  Thank you for being brave.  Thank you for continuing to be my favorite hero.  I love you.

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