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Oh, it IS Jesus!

Ok, so I was on a particular social network just a bit ago listening to this guy speak.  LOVED what I heard!  Seriously, what a great story teller this guy is.  Anywho, he mistakenly saw a profile picture as a woman in a dress.  The icons are really small, so it was hard to tell in all honesty.  I thought it was a woman in a big skirt, also.  The person who has that picture told him, “It’s Jesus, man.”  The guy speaking looked closer, and he stated, “Oh, it is Jesus!”  This one phrase made me decide to write this.  Why?  Because.  Because how many times do we see something, or someone, and not realize that it really is Jesus, so to speak?  A blessing.

I’m not talking about seeing some complete stereotype of what Jesus looks like.  I’m talking about the “smaller” things or events that we see on a daily basis.  I am talking about the sun.  The breeze blowing across your skin.  The delicious taste of that first cup of coffee or that tiny morsel of your favorite food.  The wispy clouds floating past the moon on any given night.  The person who may seem totally insignificant in your life until by some unexpected occurrence they aren’t.

We often take these things and people for granted for one reason or another.  We live in a busy world where we feel the need to hurry and get as much as done in the fastest amount of time possible.  Why?  What is so important that we forget to notice the little things we have been graciously given?  I am reading a book, and have been for a while because I have a hard time with comprehension sometimes, that has kicked me right in the rear.  The last chapter I read has really done me in.  It’s a good “done me in” thing, though.  The whole thing is about being able to practice thanksgiving and just living in the “where you are now” time and place.  I know that I had forgotten, or perhaps had never really know, how to do that.  I do my best on a daily basis to pay closer attention, though.  I fail a lot of the time.  I am okay with that and know that it is up to me to make it better.  I have to work harder at it.  I’m not against hard work and think that I perform better when the work is harder.

I think seeing Jesus, or blessings, or the opportunity to give thanks in everything could scare some folks.  Some folks are just so comfortable in living in the complaint department of life.  I’ve visited that department myself.  Complaining about not enough time to get this or that done when I’m just sitting around complaining about it.  Complaining about the amount of my health insurance deductible when there are others who are absolutely unable to get health insurance.  Complaining about my cluttered house when there are those who have no home to complain about.  Ugh…yes, I do this.  It’s gross.  Vile, even.  What would my life be like if I solely focused on just being thankful?  I think it would allow me to be more giving.  It would allow me to be more loving and kind.  It would definitely allow for me to be more grateful and less judgmental.  I am struggling to see the downside to this thanksgiving stuff.

Being able to hear a crying child can get irritating.  Seeing laundry that needs to be folded and put away is frustrating.  Having to put air in my tire because it went completely flat had me feeling dread.  But the gifts and provision by only Jesus are there.  I can hear!  I can see!  I have transportation!  Who am I to complain about things I have been blessed with?  What the heck?!  It’s mind-boggling if you really think about it.  Why do we complain so much?  Why are we so focused on seeing a lady in a dress or big skirt when really it IS Jesus?  What is it going to take to get us to slow down, breathe, focus on what we really do have?  Hm?

I have gotten a lot better about being thankful, but I can hardly stand myself at other times when I have allowed my humanness to take over.  It takes work, and I know that it is absolutely worth it to be grateful for every little thing.  It lifts a burden.  We are prisoners of ourselves, and we are freed from that when we practice thanksgiving.  Don’t you want to be free?  If so, what are you willing to sacrifice to make that freedom happen?  Pride?  Fear?  Selfishness?  Lay them down.  Slow down, take a step back, and just breathe.  Look for Jesus in the picture.

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I Must Tell Jesus

“I must tell Jesus! I must tell Jesus!
I cannot bear my burdens alone;
I must tell Jesus! I must tell Jesus!
Jesus can help me, Jesus alone.”

As I was sitting in my office yesterday, I found some music files from my dearest friend on an older phone that I have.  Finding them made my heart so happy!  I listened to the two that I had, and my eyes filled with tears because 1.)  My dearest friend was singing them, 2.)  They spoke about Jesus, and I needed that extra comfort.  I have had to make a significant change in my life regarding work.  It hit me most recently that I had to leave one of my jobs.  I knew that I just had to pray that through.  I had to make sure that it wasn’t just my thought.  For those who have a relationship with Jesus, I know you understand those times where you are not sure if the thoughts and directions in your heart and head are yours or are from Jesus.  I prayed and prayed hard about the decision that has been made.  I do know that the steps I am taking are led by Jesus and not by me, my pride, or my own selfishness.  That’d be gross.  The passion that I had to have my own practice was so good.  I prayed to Jesus, told Jesus, about those ambitions and dreams.  He directed me to take steps to make that dream come true.  Now, I’ve prayed to Jesus, told Jesus, about other ambitions and dreams.  He is now directing my steps in a different direction.  I do not know what He was in store for me, but I know it’s going to be so very good.

You see, when we let go of our pride, our human nature to do all things on our own, and our selfish ideas and ideals, we can have a great amount of relief and joy.  I always want to do what is right by God.  I lived my life for so long only listening to myself and others.  I cannot even begin to tell you how miserable I was at that point in my life.  I would act solely on impulse, out of pure, from-the-flesh needs and wants.  Boy, I cannot explain how much trouble that got me into.  I was lied to by Satan and believed that I could do whatever I wanted and have no real consequences.  And, if I did have consequences, and I did not like them, I could just move on to some other dark situation.  I do not have the words to tell you how joyful I am that I do not live in that place anymore!  I behaved as I believed others wanted me to.  Whatever situation I found myself to be in, I conformed to that situation, healthy or not.  I carried so much of the world on my shoulders believing that if I just do whatever everyone else wants me to do, I can make everyone happy.  Yeah, I know.  That didn’t work so great in my favor.

It wasn’t until I learned that I could absolutely go to Jesus with everything I had and lay my troubles at His feet, that I could feel joy.  That my load could be lighter.  Not everything that I feel is right for me, is right for me.  Oh boy, that’s a whole other blog post!  I’m so relieved that I do not have to live my life without the One who gave His life for me.  I am SO happy that I can give my burdens to Jesus, and He will take them from me, when I actually let them go completely, and guide me where He would like for me to go.  I have great faith that wherever it is I end up in this life, it will be because I trusted God with my whole heart.

“The body of flesh is a heavy burden, the calamities of life are a heavy load…Faith is for this world, and sight is for the other world. It is our duty, and it will be our interest, to walk by faith, till we live by sight. This shows clearly the happiness to be enjoyed by the souls of believers when absent from the body, and where Jesus makes known his glorious presence.”  Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary

2 Corinthians 5:1-8

I hope that I can remember this feeling of joy as I move into the next phase of my life.  I hope that I can remember that Jesus is always there to take my burdens as I lay them down.  I hope that I can always have the faith it takes to actually lay those burdens and down and not pick them up again.


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