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Oh, it IS Jesus!

Ok, so I was on a particular social network just a bit ago listening to this guy speak.  LOVED what I heard!  Seriously, what a great story teller this guy is.  Anywho, he mistakenly saw a profile picture as a woman in a dress.  The icons are really small, so it was hard to tell in all honesty.  I thought it was a woman in a big skirt, also.  The person who has that picture told him, “It’s Jesus, man.”  The guy speaking looked closer, and he stated, “Oh, it is Jesus!”  This one phrase made me decide to write this.  Why?  Because.  Because how many times do we see something, or someone, and not realize that it really is Jesus, so to speak?  A blessing.

I’m not talking about seeing some complete stereotype of what Jesus looks like.  I’m talking about the “smaller” things or events that we see on a daily basis.  I am talking about the sun.  The breeze blowing across your skin.  The delicious taste of that first cup of coffee or that tiny morsel of your favorite food.  The wispy clouds floating past the moon on any given night.  The person who may seem totally insignificant in your life until by some unexpected occurrence they aren’t.

We often take these things and people for granted for one reason or another.  We live in a busy world where we feel the need to hurry and get as much as done in the fastest amount of time possible.  Why?  What is so important that we forget to notice the little things we have been graciously given?  I am reading a book, and have been for a while because I have a hard time with comprehension sometimes, that has kicked me right in the rear.  The last chapter I read has really done me in.  It’s a good “done me in” thing, though.  The whole thing is about being able to practice thanksgiving and just living in the “where you are now” time and place.  I know that I had forgotten, or perhaps had never really know, how to do that.  I do my best on a daily basis to pay closer attention, though.  I fail a lot of the time.  I am okay with that and know that it is up to me to make it better.  I have to work harder at it.  I’m not against hard work and think that I perform better when the work is harder.

I think seeing Jesus, or blessings, or the opportunity to give thanks in everything could scare some folks.  Some folks are just so comfortable in living in the complaint department of life.  I’ve visited that department myself.  Complaining about not enough time to get this or that done when I’m just sitting around complaining about it.  Complaining about the amount of my health insurance deductible when there are others who are absolutely unable to get health insurance.  Complaining about my cluttered house when there are those who have no home to complain about.  Ugh…yes, I do this.  It’s gross.  Vile, even.  What would my life be like if I solely focused on just being thankful?  I think it would allow me to be more giving.  It would allow me to be more loving and kind.  It would definitely allow for me to be more grateful and less judgmental.  I am struggling to see the downside to this thanksgiving stuff.

Being able to hear a crying child can get irritating.  Seeing laundry that needs to be folded and put away is frustrating.  Having to put air in my tire because it went completely flat had me feeling dread.  But the gifts and provision by only Jesus are there.  I can hear!  I can see!  I have transportation!  Who am I to complain about things I have been blessed with?  What the heck?!  It’s mind-boggling if you really think about it.  Why do we complain so much?  Why are we so focused on seeing a lady in a dress or big skirt when really it IS Jesus?  What is it going to take to get us to slow down, breathe, focus on what we really do have?  Hm?

I have gotten a lot better about being thankful, but I can hardly stand myself at other times when I have allowed my humanness to take over.  It takes work, and I know that it is absolutely worth it to be grateful for every little thing.  It lifts a burden.  We are prisoners of ourselves, and we are freed from that when we practice thanksgiving.  Don’t you want to be free?  If so, what are you willing to sacrifice to make that freedom happen?  Pride?  Fear?  Selfishness?  Lay them down.  Slow down, take a step back, and just breathe.  Look for Jesus in the picture.

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Discombobulated by Christianity

Just when I believe I am getting the hang of what God wants me to do, I learn that I am totally wrong. Totally wrong. Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but it’s pretty close. It’s a case where I believe I understand what the Bible wants me to know. I believe I grasp the idea just to read or be told that is just not the case. Overwhelmed just does not cut it. There is so much information that I need to learn. I want to learn.

The most recent lesson I need/want to learn is the “Guard your heart” concept. There is no need for me to pretend that I am even close to understanding and living it the exact way I need to. Feelings of shame for not knowing that concept have crept in. Okay, okay, they drop in like a nuclear bomb and obliterate all things I thought I knew. I would NEVER put that on somebody else who did not know. The best thing to do when you do not know something is to ask someone who does know.

I thought I was doing the best thing for myself, and that tends to be a selfish thing if it is done to cause hurt toward others. I do not ever intend to hurt others, but building a wall around my heart is painful for me and others who maybe are doing the best they can to have a relationship with me. I am working on trying to understand that others loving me in their own ways may not be the way I want. Ugh. Growing as a person feels like major suckage, sometimes. Growth is necessary, but it can be painful.

I am to love others as Christ has loved me. Blinders lead me to believe that I have not treated God as poorly as others have treated me. Blinders lead me to believe that others are just trying to manipulate me into getting what they want. My blinders are victim blinders. I would rather eat the stuff stuck to the bottom of my shoes than say that, again. It’s true, however. Victims become self-seeking. Blah! Self-seeking.

1 Corinthians 13:5 Love’s ways are ever fair, it takes no thought for itself


GAH! I know I am not the only person struggling with this, but I do feel like it, sometimes. I want to be a loving and fair person. I want to not be so stuck on being a victim that I forget others have been victimized, also. So much to learn, and I have a lifetime to learn whatever it is. I do not know how long that lifetime will be, so I probably shouldn’t wait to try to learn them. I am fortunate I have people I can ask. People who are loving and gentle.

I totally do not understand everything in the Bible. It baffles my mind, really. I just want to love God and love others, as I have been loved.

If I gave everything I have to the poor and even sacrificed my body, I could boast about it; but if I didn’t love others, I would have gained nothing. — 1 Corinthians 13:3

But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great, and you will be children of the Most High, because he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked. Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful. — Luke 6:35-36

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. — Proverbs 4:23

Guarding against a rebellious spirit and cultivating a spirit of submissive obedience to God’s Word, therefore, is the first step in guarding the heart.

Be blessed and be a blessing.

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